This page lists many documents of interest to Liberty Township residents such as articles that discuss legislation and township issues, Liberty Township budget information, and a topographical map of the township.

If you find that you are unable to open these documents, it is likely that you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is is freely available for download and installation from this site: Adobe.

The Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors ( is an excellent source for information that directly affects townships in PA.  We encourage you to visit their site.

< Articles >
Article Topics File
Flood Recovery Guide (09/2011) This handbook answers many of the frequently asked questions regarding flood recovery. File Link

< Financial >
Liberty Township Finance Document File
2010 Budget Summary File Link  (Please see "Viewing Note" below).

Viewing Note:  Often, financial documents are presented in landscape for easy printing.  Your document viewing application (Adobe Reader) allows you to rotate the document for easier viewing.  This feature is often located under View->Rotate View on the menu bar.  The location of your rotation feature may differ depending on your version of Adobe Reader.

< Maps >
Liberty Township Map Map Image
Topographical Map File Link (~4MB)
Flood Map Index File Link
Flood Maps 42115C0060C  |  42115C0070C  |  42115C0079C  |  42115C0080C

42115C0082C  |  42115C0084C  |  42115C0085C  |  42115C0086C

42115C0087C  |  42115C0095C

< Planning >
Planning Document File
Comprehensive Plan 1997 File Link (~5MB)

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