Natural Gas Drilling:  If you notice an issue with a natural gas drilling operation in Liberty Township, please report it to a Town Supervisor immediately.  Contact information for the Town Supervisors can be found on the contact page of this web site. 

Natural Gas Facilities On Your Land (PDF Document ~3M):   This is a brochure published by The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission which discusses the rules and regulations surrounding natural gas facilities constructed on or near your land such as pipelines, compressor stations, etc.  The brochure discusses the process by which sites are chosen and what your rights are in regard to the location and construction of natural gas facilities.

Gas Well Drilling and Your Private Water Supply (PDF Document ~5M):    PennState produced this article that discusses the different fluids involved in gas well drilling and how private water supply pollution typically occurs.  The article also discusses which water tests hold up in court and which water tests do not.  The article also covers current laws that gas drilling companies have to adhere to and who to contact if you discover a problem with your water supply.

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